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Enjoy Our Spa Services

Please note: We have a 72 hour change or cancellation policy.

Our most popular services:

         Couples Beach Side Lomi Lomi Massage

         The Royal Hawaiian

       The Pampered Couple 

Hanalei Day Spa

at the Hanalei Colony Resort, Haena


* Detailed descriptions of massage on reverse

* Our basic massage (below) is light to medium pressure.

   50 min                                                              $105

   90 min                                                              $155

   110 min                                                            $205


Massage Accompaniments

* We start with our basic massage, then build on your experience!

   Deep tissue, Beachside, Lomi Lomi, Prenatal,
Sun- burn relief treatment, conditioning hot oil treatment for hair/scalp, aromatherapy massage. per person per 50 min            $  10

   Hot stone integration                           $  20

Head, feet & hands Massage:                   $105

Four hands massage:       50 min               $200

                                    80 min               $305
Four hands 80 min deep tissue massage    $330





Package costs reflect our basic massage (light to medium pressure)

Couples: Both receive 50 min basic massage $205
The Pampered Couple:
80 min aromatherapy
massage, add deep tissue  $330
The Royal Hawaiian:
110 min beach side
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage using organic
coconut oil, with a deep conditioning treatment
for the hair and scalp using warm coconut oil
Per person. $255
Shanti: Shanti means peace in Sanskrit
This classical Ancient Ayurvedic combination of
treatments will deliver you into a deep state of
peace. 50 min tandem warm oil Abhyanga massage,
a full body steam treatment and 50 min Shirodhara stress management                   130 min $



Rejuvenating Ayurveda Treatments

descriptions below

Shirodhara: 50 min                                             $125
Ayurveda warm oil massage:
50 min 1 therapist   $115

Two therapists                                                   $215
Full Body Steam in Personal Steam Cabinet       $ 50

Pancha Karma: Ayurveda's ancient rejuvenation program.
 (cost per day)                                                     $380


Specialty Healing Modalities

With Ayurveda Practitioners, Darci Frankel
* Transformational Bodywork
* Private Yoga or Meditation
* Pancha Karma
* Ayurveda Consultation
* Marma Therapy
Please see


Wedding Parties - Special Events

Please ask for our full menu of bridal services or exclusive use of the spa for your wedding party.



* We are a busy, boutique day spa, with limited
appointments available. We kindly ask for your
understanding and cooperation around our
• Walk-ins welcome, appointments encouraged.
• Please arrive 10 minutes early.
• We accept Master & Visa. No Amex, checks or
traveler’s checks, thank you.
• Beach Side is weather permitting;
appointments are in spa as the alternative.
• Cancellations: We require 72 hours to change
or cancel. Otherwise, you are charged full
• Same day spa appointments are non-cancellable
and charged full value if no show.
• Prices do not reflect tax or gratuity and are
subject to change.
• ME 1929 MAT 7114


If this is your First Massage:
We only staff experienced, trained and professional massage therapists who are committed to excellence. Since we only uncover the area or limb that we are massaging you can rest assured that your modesty will be protected at all times. Your therapist will go out of the room while you undress to your comfort level and lie face down between the sheets of the massage table. We value that the body comes in all shapes and sizes, so you can just relax and feel comfortable. Remember to let your massage therapist do all the work. Your only job is to communicate with your massage therapist if you are feeling cold, warm or if you would like the massage pressure to be adjusted. It’s your time to relax and enjoy this wonderful experience!


Why receive massage?

Because you deserve it and you are on vacation. Receiving massage therapy is one of the best things you can do for yourself!  Think of how much time, energy and money you have invested in your car, home or job.  And these things can sometimes be transient. Our bodies are with us our entire lives, only we have the duty to take care of them.  If you are tight somewhere, at best, it will stay the same, as a general rule, what is contracted will continue the same trend unless we do something to turn that trend around.  Gentle stretching, Yoga and massage therapy can help us keep choices in our physiology and be flexible. As a culture, we are learning to value health and wellbeing more and more all the time.  In fact, each year, more people are turning to alternatives, such as massage therapy.  Take care of yourself; this is the only body you have!

Why receive massage with us?
Because the spa owner is a veteran massage therapist MA9114 who handpicks Massage therapists who are skilled, experienced and have good communication skills. We are a quaint, boutique day spa with a strong commitment to excellent customer service. Guests come back year after year for our consistent great services.  

After your Massage:

Massage manipulates the soft tissue, allowing toxins to be released into the bloodstream. Please drink two or three 8-ounce glasses of room-temperature water after your massage to assist in elimination of toxins.


Description of Massages:

Swedish Massage: Soothing and relaxing strokes.  Light to medium pressure.

Lomi Lomi: Authentic Hawaiian massage, especially when received beach side, in our traditional thatched roof Hale (Hawaiian for House), utilizing long rhythmic strokes of three and organic coconut oil.  Deeply balancing and relaxing.

Deep Tissue:  Works out the knots, tightness and tension.

Head, Feet and Hands: Reflexology and relaxation focusing on the head, feet and hands. Fully clothed massage, assisted stretching and joint mobilization.

Four Hands Massage: Indulge yourself with a four handed massage conducted by two massage therapists, add deep tissue to really work out the tension.

Pregnancy/Prenatal Massage: We use body cushions, a very specific physical therapy 'blocking system' which uses different density foam and specific cutout areas for belly pelvic and breast support (called the body support system (c) along with specific massage techniques to ensure a safe, relaxing experience.


Our Wellness Boutique
We have a plethora of handpicked healthy, sustainable items to enhance your well being. Explore your wellness with our new Ayurveda Self Care Kits including: rare black sesame and coconut massage oils, Ayurveda Herbal Mineral Mud for face and body and our proprietary Ayurveda facial formula. Exfoliate your skin with lofah mitts. Nourish your body with a select choice herbal teas and skin with massage oils and lotions. Protect your skin with second skin mosquito repellant. We also have hand made Bali batik sarongs.


Ayurveda Treatments

Ayurvedic Consultation Ayurvedic texts say that our daily habits can create or heal disease.  In this way they can be tailored to give us the best health benefit.  In this treatment you are given an Ayurvedic assessment consisting of pulse/tongue analysis, asked questions about your lifestyle/health history, and given suggestions for refining your self-care program.

Abhyanga Warm Oil Massage this is a 50 min traditional Ayurvedic massage, originally given to royalty of ancient India. Warm herbal oils are generously poured onto and massaged into the body. It is nourishing, nurturing and one of the most thorough massages you will ever experience, particularly if it is preformed in the traditional way with two practitioners. Warmed herbal oils, Marma Point Therapy and specific motions to balance the 5 pranas of the body are applied. Abhyanga is a must for seasonal cleansing, stress release and rejuvenation!
Shirodhara A deeply relaxing treatment involving a gentle stream (dhara) of warmed oil flowing directly onto the forehead (shiro). This treatment calms the mind, and is deeply conditioning to the hair.  Ancient Ayurveda texts say “one who applies oil on his head regularly does not suffer from headache, baldness, graying of the hair, nor does his hair fall..” Used historically for insomnia and depression.


Ayurveda's answer to stress....Shirodhara (Pronounced she-row-dar-ah):


Shirodhara - This is a blissful 50 min treatment where you enter a deep state of relaxation through the process of a warm oil bath gently flowing (dhara) on to your forehead (shiro). This sublime treatment helps remove stress from the mind, balances the emotions, pacifies; insomnia, depression, panic attacks and addictions. You will feel as if you have just completed a long, deep and blissful meditation.

"One who applies oil on his head regularly does not suffer from headache, baldness, graying of hair, nor does his hair fall. Strength of his head and forehead is especially enhanced; his hair becomes black, long and deep-rooted; his sense organs work properly; the skin of his face becomes brightened; applying oil on the head produces sound sleep and happiness.
-Ayurvedic physician Charaka
Excerpt from the first text on Ayurveda compiled over 5,000 years ago.

Abhyanga (pronounced ahh-bee-ang-ah):

Abyanga Warm oil Massage - In this 50 min traditional rhythmical massage from ancient India, warm herbal oils are poured and massaged into the body. It is extremely nourishing, nurturing and one of the most thorough massages you will ever experience especially if it is preformed in the traditional way with two practitioners. Included, to suit your needs, are; warmed herbal oils, marma point therapy (Ayurvedic acupressure points) and specific motions to balance the 5 pranas of the body. Abyanga is a must for seasonal cleansing, stress release and rejuvenation.
1 therapist $115, 
with two therapists $215

Swedana (pronounced sway-dun-ah):


Personal Steam tent - An excellent compliment after massage. Helps to detoxify the body. The steam helps to soften and loosen impurities opening the pores for better circulation. Therapist will supervise you while you either sit in comfortable, private steam cabinet or lay down with the Steam tent over you, with your head outside the steam tent. Cool cloths with aromatherapy are applied to your forehead to keep your head cool and pure water is given.
15 minutes $50

Specialty Ayurveda Services

Ayurveda Consultation:

Pulse analysis determines the condition of the internal organs such as the heart, liver, spleen and colon.

Ayurveda Consultation with Darci Frankel- Ayurvedic texts say that our daily habits can create or heal disease; in this way they can be tailored to our needs. During this 1.5 hr consultation, you will be given an Ayurvedic assessment consisting of pulse/tongue analysis, asked questions about your lifestyle/health history then suggestions will be made so you can refine your self-care program to fit your current needs.
$150, hour and half consultation

Transformational Bodywork with Darci:

Transformational Bodywork with Darci - Just like it sounds, transformational...We begin with your intentions and let them guide us as we work as partners in your process.  "I draw from a plethora of healing modalities, and my years of experience in the healing arts.  I love to work with people who are ready to grow, check inside and find your yes, then call to reserve your appointment." Darci Frankel 

Bio information


Customized yoga session:

Customized Yoga or meditation lesson - Private yoga instruction gives you the individual attention, details and refinements that a group class cannot. The session is geared towards your needs. You can heal weaknesses and or injuries and take your practice to the next level.
$100. per hour, 1.5 hour suggested.

Pancha Karma:

Pancha Karma - This extensive cleansing and rejuvenation program is the cornerstone of Ayurvedic treatments. Seven days are recommended to address the 7 tissues of the body, yet we offer 1-21 consecutive days. Daily treatments include Ayurvedic massage with 2 therapists, steam treatments, consulting, food and cleansing procedures when the body is ready. One emerges feeling younger, clean, clear and lighter. These year round retreats are for individuals, couples and groups.    Call or visit for more info.

Specialty Ayurveda Healing Treatments:



Karna Purna - Several drops of warmed oil are applied to each ear. Common benefits are; reducing: ringing in the ears, insomnia, restlessness, nervousness, vertigo, and vata.
With abyanga $20.00.
Treatment unto itself or with nasya $70.00

Nasya - Nasa means nose and this is a treatment where several drops of herbalized oils are introduced to the nose one nostril at a time. Ayurveda recommends this treatment for strengthening the whole respiratory apparatus, eliminating sinus trouble, reducing congestion in the head and chest and tension in the neck.
Treatment with abyanga $20.
Treatment unto itself or with Karna Purna $70.00 

Marma Chikitsa - Marma means vital points, likened to acupressure these vital points are related to organs, systems, chakras and tissues. During this treatment, your marma points are massaged and balanced leading to greater immunity and vitality. Maha (great) marmas are anointed and balanced with oils.
1.5-2 hours suggested. $115 per 50 min



Hanalei Day Spa's Aroma Collection:

Ayurvedic Facial Formula - A wonderful treatment for oily skin, helps reduce blackheads and leaves the complexion clear. For dry skin add a couple of drops of coconut oil or yoghurt.
custom formula 8 oz

Anti Cellulite Formula - This ancient powerful treatment has 2 uses immediate and intensive treatment and maintenance.

  • General maintenance just rub it on in the shower and rinse off.
  • Intensive treatment ~ Leave it on for 15 minutes then rinse off.

Please note all prices do not include tax or gratuity and are subject to change.  Thank you.


Relax, Recharge and Rejuvenate!

Call us now to schedule.


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