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Enjoy Our Spa Services
Kauai's only authentic 'Hale', beachside massage!


Our most popular services:

         Couples Beach Side Lomi Lomi Massage

         The Royal Couple

       The Pampered Couple 
Please note: We require 72 hours notice to change or cancel.

Hanalei Day Spa

at the Hanalei Colony Resort, Haena


* We start with our basic massage (light to medium pressure) then build on your experience, see accompaniments below!

   50 min                                    $110

   80 min                                    $165

   110 min                                  $220

   Head, feet & hands Massage   $110

   Four hands massage: 50 min   $215

         80 min   $315

Four hands 80 min deep tissue massage  $345

Massage Accompaniments
Beachside, Deep tissue, Lomi Lomi, Prenatal,
Sunburn relief treatment, conditioning hot oil
treatment for hair & scalp, aromatherapy massage.
per person per 50 min                 $10

Add Hot stones (flat fee)               $20

Add I am Glowing, Skin Therapy, Body scrub
Only with massage                                 $100


* Package costs reflect basic massage (light to medium pressure)

         Couples: Both receive 50 min basic massage
Per couple $220 (add beachside, deep tissue or Lomi ~ $240)
The Pampered Couple: 80 min aromatherapy massage
Per couple $350 (add beachside, deep tissue or Lomi ~ $380)

The Royal Couple:
110 min beach side Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage using organic coconut oil, with a deep conditioning treatment for the hair and scalp using warm coconut oil
Per couple $540 (add deep tissue for both $580)
For one $270
I Am Glowing, Skin Therapy Body Scrub: An 110 Minute experience. An 80 minute massage & aromatherapy body scrub with your choice of Lavender, Mandarin & Ylang Ylang essential oils. $265 per person


Wedding Parties - Special Events

Please ask about exclusive use of the spa for your wedding party.



* We are a busy, boutique day spa with limited appointments. We kindly ask for your understanding & cooperation around our policies.

   Please plan to arrive 10 minutes early.

   Walk-ins welcome, appointments encouraged.

   Prices do not reflect tax or gratuity and are subject to change.

   We accept Master & Visa. No Amex, checks or traveler’s checks, thank you.

   Beach Side is weather permitting; appointments are in spa as the alternative.

   Same day spa appointments are non-cancellable and charged full value if no show.

   We accept Spa finder/wish gift cards, however not with any other package/discounts.

   Cancellations:  We require 72 hrs. to change or cancel, otherwise, you are charged full value.

Description of Massage Therapies & Accompaniments:

Our Basic Massage: A soothing & relaxing massage with light to medium pressure, with gentle strokes to calm the body and the mind. If you are wanting knots to be worked out, see deep tissue massage below.

Beachside Massage:  Visit our Authentic replica Hawaiian Hale/house, set in a secluded area of the resort, just steps off the sand, thatched roof ‘A frame’ is covered on 3 sides for your privacy, enjoy your massage with the smells and sounds of the ocean, gentle breezes and skilled massage therapists, we can see up to 3 friends!
Deep Tissue:
Our therapists use more pressure to work out the tight areas in this massage.

Lomi Lomi: For an Authentic Hawaiian experience, especially in our beach side, Hale. This massage uses long, rhythmic strokes, organic coconut oils to nourish the skin. Relaxing and nourishing, you can add deep tissue!

Prenatal Massage: Momma can comfortably lay on her front with ease with our body cushions with recessed areas for the belly & breasts & specific massage techniques to ensure a safe, relaxing experience.

Head, Feet and Hands: Fully clothed, reflexology and relaxation focusing on the head, feet and hands.

Four Hands Massage: Indulge yourself with a four handed massage conducted by two massage therapists, add deep tissue to really work out the knots! ME 1929 MAT 7114
I Am Glowing, Skin Therapy Body Scrub: An 110 Minute experience. An 80 minute massage & aromatherapy body scrub with your choice of Lavender, Mandarin & Ylang Ylang essential oils.

If this is your first Massage:

We only staff experienced, trained and professional massage therapists who are committed to excellence. Since we only uncover the area or limb that we are massaging you can rest assured that your modesty will be protected at all times. Your therapist will go out of the room while you undress to your comfort level and lie face down between the sheets of the massage table. We value that the body comes in all shapes and sizes, so you can just relax and feel comfortable. Remember to let your massage therapist do all the work. Your only job is to communicate with your massage therapist if you are feeling cold, warm or if you would like the massage pressure to be adjusted. It’s your time to relax and enjoy this wonderful experience!

Why receive massage?

Because you deserve it and you are on vacation. Receiving massage therapy is one of the best things you can do for yourself!  Think of how much time, energy and money you have invested in your car, home or job.  And these things can sometimes be transient. Our bodies are with us our entire lives, only we have the duty to take care of them.  If you are tight somewhere, at best, it will stay the same, as a general rule, what is contracted will continue the same trend unless we do something to turn that trend around.  Gentle stretching, Yoga and massage therapy can help us keep choices in our physiology and be flexible. As a culture, we are learning to value health and wellbeing more and more all the time.  In fact, each year, more people are turning to alternatives, such as massage therapy.  Take care of yourself; this is the only body you have!

Why receive massage with us?
Because the spa owner is a veteran massage therapist MA9114 who handpicks Massage therapists who are skilled, experienced and have good communication skills. We are a quaint, boutique day spa with a strong commitment to excellent customer service. Guests come back year after year for our consistent great services.  

After your Massage:

Massage manipulates the soft tissue, allowing toxins to be released into the bloodstream. Please drink two or three 8-ounce glasses of room-temperature water after your massage to assist in elimination of toxins.


Relax, Recharge and Rejuvenate!

Call us now to schedule.


 Our Wellness Boutique

We have a plethora of items to enhance your visit & well-being! Cleanse and nourish your skin with loofa mitts, aromatherapy body scrub, massage oils, salves, sunscreen & lotions. Enjoy our Ayurveda Self Care Kit, Herbal Mineral Mud & our proprietary Herbal, Ayurveda Facial and Anti-Cellulite Formulas.  Create wellness from the inside out with rescue remedy, allergy relief products, a full line of herbal and medicinal teas. We have Bali batik and silk sarongs, coconut shell candles made on island, soaps, sunscreen, Wen hair care and more!

Gift Certificates - Either purchase 'Spa Dollars' or services then give this attractive














Ayurveda Facial Formula -
A wonderful treatment for oily skin, helps reduce blackheads and leaves the complexion clear. For dry skin add a couple of drops of coconut oil or yoghurt.

Anti Cellulite Formula - This ancient powerful treatment has 2 uses immediate and intensive treatment and maintenance.

  • General maintenance just rub it on in the shower and rinse off.
  • Intensive treatment ~ Leave it on for 15 minutes then rinse off.

Please note all prices do not include tax or gratuity and are subject to change.  Thank you.




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Relax, Recharge and Rejuvenate!

Call us now to schedule.


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